in the blues vase

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Alex Marshall's handrafted 'In The Blues' stoneware vase merges bold and elemental design to chic effect.

Crafted in the studio on her olive orchard in California, artist Alex Marshall glazes a stoneware clay body by hand to create this sensuous vase, in shades of blue and white. USA. Catalog exclusive. 8" dia. x 16-1/2"H.

Alex Marshall's blue and white glaze; a contemporary twist on the familiar blue and white combination. Evoking the sea and skies with a few perfect clouds, a blue and white palette brings comfort and style that's cool, calm, and collected. Alex Marshall’s blue and white ombre' glazing pays homage to this timeless color combination while updating it for today's design sensibilities. Staying true to our handmade ethos, our blue and white vase is glazed by hand dipping 60% of the vase in our royal blue glaze, turning it over and hand dipping 60% of the vase in our gloss white glaze. This hand glazing technique creates multiple layers of subtle light blues where the two glazes overlap and ensures each vase is as individual and unique as its new owner.

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