At Sundance, we have the great privilege of building relationships with unique artisans and craftspeople. The pride of their work is conveyed in the authenticity, quality, and heritage in each artistic creation. We would like to showcase the Sundance artist community by highlighting the artists, their stories and their art.
Arik Kastan
Jewelry Artisan
During the Victorian Era jewelry was adorned as a way to signify and commemorate special milestones and major events, and also played a major role in Victorian Era culture. We have taken the spirit of Victorian Era jewels and designed our Victoria Ring, drawing inspiration from, and giving a nod to the notable and significant development of the railway system. The railways served as one of the greatest achievements of the Victorian Era, offering advancement in travel and commerce, which led way to an exciting new time. Much like craftsmanship of handmade jewelry, blacksmiths were regarded highly skilled artisans. The beautiful hand carved scroll design on the bottom and sides of our Victoria Ring is reminiscent of the iron work of the railways and railway stations. The spirit of the design, and the detail in the gold scrollwork takes the utilitarian purpose of the railways and turns it into something beautiful and celebrated. The African ruby adorned by raw, rose cut diamonds, is also symbolic. The beauty of the ruby and diamonds represent newfound luxury that came with travel and commerce, and yet the raw nature of these stones signifies understated beauty that is also accessible and approachable.
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Dana Kellin
Jewelry Artisan
This particular set reminds me of the first time my husband Paul and I took our kids to Greece. We visited Hydra, an island not far from the mainland, where many Athenians have second homes. It's a simple island with one port and a few hotels. What makes it unique and special is that there are no motorized vehicles of any kind, save a lone garbage truck. Water taxis transport passengers to various beaches along the coast, one more magical than the next. No cars, no road access, no bells and whistles: just you, the sand, the water and a killer taverna with insanely good food and drink.

As great as the beaches are, our kids were far more delighted by the boat rides to the beaches and back to port. The whole trip had a very nautical feel to it even though we never stepped foot on a sailboat. These pieces bring me right back to those beautiful days and their simple pleasures. The colors obviously represent the sky and the sea, and the chain and the wire detail remind me of the ropes and anchors of the various ships in the port. Most of all, it reminds me of summer: a happy, carefree time of year when everything shines and sparkles.
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Page Sargisson
Jewelry Artisan
My grandmother wore a locket when I was little and I remember sitting on her lap and prying open the little gold locket to find a picture of me inside. I couldn't find a locket that felt as solid and handmade as the one she had so I thought I would make one myself. The pattern on the front is taken from an old Indian woodblock which gives it its antique feel as does the color of the 10KT solid gold.
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Jes MaHarry
Jewelry Artisan
"In caring for rescued animals, my mission has strengthened over the years to be an advocate for spreading compassion to all four-legged, winged, finned and breathing beings. Everything I design has this purpose. It is driven in the belief that all are created equal. In those soft moments when I can feel, hear and see animals communicate with each other, I know there a common thread between all of us. I have seen how they crave love, how they nurture each other and have compassion towards life, just like us.

I have created these baby-animal pocket tokens, I call them Compassion, inspired by the true beauty and my deep love of their natural purity.
• The lion lying next to a baby lamb symbolizes our need to find softness within our strength.
• The little plump rabbit, luck.
• The baby fox, to be swift yet playful.
• The baby elephant, to remember all experiences grow wisdom.
• The baby piglet, to honor our own intuition and instinct.
• The baby dove, to resonate peace with every breath.
• The little frog, to rekindle stability and focus each day.

Together, these pocket tokens help remind us to soften our eyes and live with compassion."
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Jane Diaz
Jewelry Artisan
"These designs, simple, clean and modern are inspired by the shapes and forms of mid-century modern sculpture and enhanced with rhodalite garnet cabochons."

"The Flower of Life" is a pattern derived from sacred geometry representing Creation itself.

New York native Jane Diaz has collaborated with Nepalese metal smiths for twenty-six years creating a unique hand-made line of designer jewelry. A background in fine art, anthropology and dance, combined with a life-long passion for ritual and ornamentation, lead Jane to her success as a designer. Tying all these interests together, she envisions a collection of jewelry perfectly matched with the traditional hand- made techniques of Nepal. As the industrial world expands to consume many ancient crafts, Jane Diaz values the one of a kind distinction of the "human touch" to each individual piece. It is important to her to keep the skills of these craftsmen alive. Jane designs her jewelry as a way to express her life experience and aesthetic. The confetti of charms in the line make up a spiritual symbolism that has come out of personal inquiry, world travel and cultural studies. Painterly colors characterize her stone collections and the romance of periods such as the Victorian, Art Deco and Mid Century Modern give form and shape to her collections.
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Beth Mueller
Home Artisan
I love small dishes; I think they are a really fun way to set a table, or to organize jewelry and other small things.

The images on these are some of my favorite things from where I live: a young deer that I often see where I run, horses in the field, our impossibly big moons in the mountains.

They are all just so beautiful. And of course Christmas and snow and all the joy that brings. Everything is made by hand, start to finish in our tiny, (often snowbound) studio.
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Brian Kershisnik
Home Artisan
"I make art because I am searching for things. I do not approach my easel with an overriding objective to change anything or anyone. Rather I am looking for something. Looking teaches me, and teases thinking out of me, and precipitates internal and external conversation that I believe do me good. My job of course is to paint, and to paint very well, but I have observed that art often accomplishes something quite independently of any artist's intentions. It is understandably difficult to accomplish things beyond your own intentions and so my way is to walk forward into the work looking for something and being open to finding something else altogether.

My subjects are typically not grand, they are you and me – a little awkward in their common work-a-day holiness. They are often not "getting it", or perhaps getting it wrong. They are misunderstood, like you and I are misunderstood, but loved and lovely too. They are a little heavy footed in their dancing, a little disheveled in their useful and inscrutable activities, a little disoriented in their best of intentions. The subjects in my paintings are metaphorical and mythological autobiography and when it is working, they are you too."
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Ananda Khalsa
Jewelry Artisan
"I am endlessly inspired by the colors of the sea and warm sun brought together. I imagine while wearing this topaz ring, one could gaze down at the cool pool of blue and be transported to tropical waters. For me, this ring and necklace evoke feelings of twinkling starry nights and enchanting tide pools.

One of the very special elements in this necklace is the tiny hand cut lapis beads that the pendant is strung between. They are the finest quality of lapis, and I absolutely love how tiny yet bright they are. The human hand is evident in them, giving them an organic yet refined feeling. The radiant blue topaz pendant is wrapped in 22k gold, which creates contrast and warmth.

I love designing jewelry that creates a statement, but can be worn and enjoyed every day. I feel these topaz pieces embody that spirit."
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Alex Marshall
Home Artisan
Alex Marshall's blue and white glaze; a contemporary twist on the familiar blue and white combination.
Evoking the sea and skies with a few perfect clouds, a blue and white palette brings comfort and style that's cool, calm, and collected. Alex Marshall’s blue and white ombre' glazing pays homage to this timeless color combination while updating it for today's design sensibilities. Staying true to our handmade ethos, our blue and white vase is glazed by hand dipping 60% of the vase in our royal blue glaze, turning it over and hand dipping 60% of the vase in our gloss white glaze. This hand glazing technique creates multiple layers of subtle light blues where the two glazes overlap and ensures each vase is as individual and unique as its new owner.
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Thoi Vo
Jewelry Artisan
"I've always had a love affair with colors. Perhaps, because I was born in the Spring... Springtime is when the magic begins...washing away grey days...bringing forth blue skies...greenery...delightful blossoms...and the aromas and sounds of life.
I tried to captured these colors of life in these two pieces. I think we wear jewelry because we are drawn to it, maybe because it captures or reflects a part of's personal, not just something to match an outfit. Colors make me happy, and I want a constant reminder of what I strive for in my life...happiness."
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Nava Zahavi
Jewelry Artisan
"Living by the coast gives me inspiration every day. Opening my eyes in the morning, seeing the great beauty of the sea gives me joy and fills my heart with happiness.

When spring comes along, and flowers blossom all around, so many colors brighten my days. This necklace defines what I love most - the combination of blue green and spots of yellow, just like the nature around us. There are many possibilities to wear this necklace. You can wear it with light or dark colors, brightening your look at any time and all seasons around the year."
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Jes MaHarry
Jewelry Artisan
The natural world inspires me to create from my soul. My inner wisdom comes alive while following my heart, while drawing from things I find beautiful like these old wise California Oak trees. These are the symbols that resonate with me and why I feel so deeply passionate about creating vibrant inspirational jewelry.
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Janna Ugone
Home Artisan
"Sparkling stars in a peaceful midnight sky have a universal quality that all people, in all cultures in the world can find beauty. It unifies us all in a small way. To capture the magic, each shade is pierced with constellations that sparkle when lit."
Janna Ugone melds a passion for the natural world with a modern perspective to create artful objects for the home. She brings backgrounds in jewelry, ceramics and painting to her work, along with exceptional attention to detail and uncompromising dedication to quality. From conception to final inspection, each piece travels a long path of careful consideration. The result is handcrafted works of art that light up a room.
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Dennis and Roy Barloga
Home Artisans
"The remarkable metamorphosis from Caterpillar to butterfly is my own personal reminder that anything is possible."
" I was first intrigued by butterflies on a trip to Mexico when I was a boy. As butterflies of all shapes, sizes and colors danced in the air around me I became aware of how fragile beauty can be. That moment and that realization have never left me."
Father and son photographers Dennis and Roy Barloga, each acclaimed in his own right, combine their separate expertise and visions. The arresting black and white photographs are giclée printed on unique paper, handmade from plant bark in Nepal. Totally handcrafted, each piece of paper is unique, with slight variations in color and thickness. Photos are individually printed, titled and signed.
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Jes MaHarry
Home and Jewelry Artisan
Living on her ranch in California, Jes MaHarry is often inspired by her surroundings, turning them into whimsical pictographs scrawled into precious metals or home goods. Jes MaHarry's nesting tables are no exception. "My husband and I set out to make a functional piece of furniture that had an organic flare yet a rugged twist. We decided to make Nesting tables, coming from Ojai which means "The Nest" we felt it appropriate. Patrick and I designed the Nesting Tables to fit perfectly inside each other, each one styled with clean lines and ingredient; cold rolled steel. Each piece is handmade in Ojai, California - from welding to cutting the metal to giving each one a beautiful patina to hand signing. These tables are sturdy, durable and always dependable. We work in our outdoor welding studio with a nice breeze, our dogs always a foot or so away and good music flowing through the air."
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Noelle VanHendrick and Eric Hendrick
Sentiment Bloom Be Cups
"We have all that is needed inside of us, to bloom to our greatest potential, to be our grandest self. I made a product "Bloom Be" to remind us to water that seed to grow."
Handmade cups crafted from artfully asymmetrical, glazed clay then handpainted, inspiring people to bloom into the best version of themselves.
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Julie Romanenko
Jewelry Artisan
My inspiration for this piece came from an Art Deco ring I came across. It has such great sweeping, graceful lines and I just imagined it so perfectly as both a pendant and a redesigned ring. By changing some aspects of the piece from its original design, I was able to really bridge the gap between old and new. Recreating vintage is a huge passion of mine. If you are familiar with any of my other pieces, I tend to create very delicate "girly girl" jewelry, many necklaces are made to layer with one another. As I am often quoted as saying "why wear one when you can wear seven."
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Heather B. Moore
Jewelry Artisan
Heather Moore's designs blend her passion for art with her talent for storytelling. Each personalized piece is hand stamped letter by letter, number by number, thereby imparting one-of-a-kind character. The stamps themselves are unique to her creations, designed and milled in her Cleveland, Ohio, studio. Her jewels are collectible classics. In sterling silver or 14kt gold, they are imbued with meaning and destined to become treasured heirlooms as they're passed down through the generations.
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